Wednesday, July 16, 2014

The Son by Jo Nesbo

by:  Jo Nesbo
published by:  Knopf
publish date:  May 13, 2014

Sonny Lofthus, in his early thirties, has been in prison for the last dozen years: serving time for crimes he didn't commit. In exchange, he gets an uninterrupted supply of heroin—and the unexpected stream of fellow prisoners seeking out his uncanny abilities to soothe and absolve. His addiction started when his father committed suicide rather than be exposed as a corrupt cop, and now Sonny is the center of a vortex of corruption: prison staff, police, lawyers, a desperate priest—all of them focused on keeping him stoned and jailed, and all of them under the thumb of Oslo's crime overlord, the Twin. When Sonny learns some long-hidden truths about his father he makes a brilliant escape, and begins hunting down the people responsible for the hideous crimes he's paid for. But he's also being hunted, by the Twin, the cops, and the only person who knows the ultimate truth that Sonny is seeking. The question is, what will he do when they've cornered him? 

I'm a huge Jo Nesbo fan.  I love the Harry Hole series.  I was really excited about a stand alone book, because I really like his other stand alone book Headhunters.  However, I felt a bit let down by The Son.  I felt like I was reading another Harry Hole book but with different names plugged in.

I won't say that I totally disliked the book.  It was good, I was engaged throughout the whole book.  It just felt the same.  I was hoping for something really different, like Headhunters was.  Even the title, I almost expected it to be somehow about Oleg in someway.  But getting past all that, I really did like how the story fit together.  It was an interesting idea that prisoners are kept in prison and paid off to take the fall for crimes that they didn't commit.

Will this little disappointment stop me from reading Jo Nesbo, of course not.  I'm always recommending him to everyone.  I hope he continues with the stand alone books.

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