Monday, July 21, 2014

Pre-publication blog tour: Love and Let Spy! by Shana Galen

We are excited to be taking part in a pre-publication tour to promote Shana Galen's new book, Love and Let Spy!  Over the next two weeks, a different blog will be releasing a new excerpt every day.  We have the first on for you below!  

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Author: Shana Galen
Publisher: Sourcebooks Casablanca
Date of publication: August 5, 2014

Her name is Bonde, Jane Bonde…
A beautiful and eligible member of the ton, Jane has more than a few secrets: she’s one of the Crown’s most elite agents. She may be deadly, but she doesn’t know a thing about fashion, flirtation, or love…until Dominic Griffyn shakes up her carefully stirred world and asks her to be his bride. He’s exactly the kind of man she’s not looking for. And he’s dangerous, because falling into his arms is so much more satisfying than saving England from her enemies.

He’s an improper gentleman who needs a wife…
Tall, dark, and tortured, Dominic Griffyn is haunted by demons from his past. When his stepfather insists that he marry, Dominic allows himself to hope that the beautiful but mysterious Miss Bonde might help him forget his troubles. As they grow closer, it’s clear that there’s more to Jane than danger. She might be just what his neglected heart needs.

London Season, 1816
“I don’t care how beautiful or rich or bloody socially acceptable she is,” Dominic said, turning fiercely from the drawing--room mantel. “I am not marrying her.”
“Sir, need I remind you that your mother is present?”
The marchioness waved a hand. In her pale blue muslin morning gown, she seemed almost one of the furnishings in the drawing room, which had been done in blue and cream and a panoply of gilt and ormolu. “I have heard it all before,” his mother said. “One does not raise four sons without hearing a bit of the vulgar tongue.”
Dominic gestured as if to say, See?
“I do not give a bloody farthing,” the marquess said, standing and pointing at Dominic. “You will show your mother some respect.”
Dominic refrained, just barely, from mentioning the contradiction inherent in his stepfather’s curse. The man had no sense of humor and would not appreciate the irony. He also had a selective memory. At the moment, he chose to forget that his wife possessed a somewhat less than savory past.
Dominic wished he could forget.
“My lord,” Dominic said, tamping down his fury from long habit, “I do not wish to marry. I have no obligation to produce an heir, as I have no lands or titles to pass on. There is no need—-”
“There is every need!” Lord Edgeberry boomed. Dominic clenched his fists to keep from using them. He was a grown man and did not enjoy being treated like a child. But he would tolerate it for his mother. “Your behavior is scandalous, and I’ll be damned if I stand by while you produce a passel of bastards who show up on my door, begging for money.”
Dominic cut his gaze to his mother, and the marchioness hissed in a breath and shook her head at her eldest son, her eyes pleading for forbearance. “My lord,” she said, rising and taking her husband’s arm. “Might we speak in private for a moment?”
Dominic turned his back on the room and faced the mantel, staring at the figure of a small porcelain shepherdess. She was a typical English beauty with flaxen hair, rosy cheeks, and huge blue eyes. Dominic hated the type. Behind him he heard his mother’s rapid whispers. Every few moments, he was able to discern one of her words. “Fatherless…Pride…Careful.”

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Anonymous said...

Hi! :)

My favorite Bonds, from best to least:

Daniel Craig
Pierce Brosnan
Timothy Dalton
Roger Moore
Sean Connery
George Lazenby

GL is last, only because it's been ages since I've seen that one, so I might not be giving him a fair shake... and as for Sean - I love SC, he's my favorite actor, but I just prefer the later Bond movies. Much less sillier, can take them more seriously, and just like those Bonds more! :)

Oh, and definitely, absolutely, without question prefer Judi Dench's M. *sniff*


Shana said...

Love your choices, Lois!

moodymolly said...

The only one I like is Pierce Brosnan.

MsAwesome said...

Daniel Craig. I could never get into the James Bond thing because, like Lois said, they were kind of silly for me. But enter Mr. Craig and Hello! I can even appreciate the older movies if I picture him in the leading role hehe
Joanna M

Barbara E. said...

You can't beat Sean Connery, my all time favorite, but I have a fondness for Pierce Brosnan as well.

Barbara E. said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Kari Boardman said...

I'm with you Barbara! Connery is my favorite!

catslady said...

I have to go with Sean Connery!

Unknown said...

I can't decide between Pierce Brosnan or Sean Connery!

krazymama.98 said...

Pierce Brosnan & Daniel Craig.
I wish Daniel would do better selecting other movies to do.

Shana said...

I think he's underrated, Molly!

Shana said...

Joanna, I always had trouble with the Bond movies because the romance was always...well, not a romance. I like the Craig films better.

Shana said...

Barbara, Connery is the iconic Bond.

Shana said...

catslady, You are in good company!

Jan Hougland said...

Due to the fact I'm seen ALL of the Bond movies, I'd have to say Sean Connery was my fave for a very long time. But now, I'd have to say Daniel Craig does a great Bond. Pierce Brosnan wasn't bad either. :-)

Shana said...

Nicole, tough choice, I agree!

Shana said...

krazymama, I so agree. He has strange taste.

Karen H said...

I loved them all except for Timothy Dalton. But in order: Pierce Brosnan, Sean Connery, Daniel Craig, Roger Moore.

Shana said...

I love that you have them in an order, Karen!

Shana said...

I have to say, Janice, you can't really go wrong with Bond.

Gretchen said...

I love spy stories!

Unknown said...

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