Thursday, July 3, 2014

Throwback Thursday: Sunset Embrace by Sandra Brown

Author: Sandra Brown
First published in  by 1985 by Bantam

They were two untamed outcasts on a Texas-bound wagon train. Two passionate travelers, united by need, threatened by pasts they could not outrun ...

Lydia Bryant --- voluptuous and russet-haired, fleeing from a secret shame, vowing that never again would a man, any man, overpower her 

Ross Coleman --- dark, brooding and iron-willed, with the shadow of a lawless past in his piercing eyes, sworn to resist the temptation of his wanton longings

Fate threw them together on the same wild road, where they fought the breathtaking desire blazing between them, while the shadows of their enemies grew longer. As the wagon train rolled west, the danger to them drew ever closer, until a showdown with their pursuers was inevitable. Before it was over, Lydia and Ross would face death ... the truth about each other ... and the astonishing strength of their love ...

Not even being a big fan of Sandra Brown's could make me want to finish this book.  I got halfway through and finally gave up on it.  The main character was a major douchebag.  Now, I know that a lot of the time, the "hero" is an alpha male who comes across as a jerk at first, but then redeems himself about halfway through the book.  In Sunset Embrace, that never happened.  Beware, I'm going to spoil the book for you!

Ross berates Lydia from the beginning, calling her awful names.  I get that in those times, men probably thought that a woman who had a baby with no husband was loose.  I can forgive that.  What I couldn't get past was the rape scene.  Yes...he rapes her.  The worst part?  The next day, Lydia decides that it wasn't all that bad.  Wait, what???  She had bruises, was bleeding and he ignored her pleas for him to stop.  Then she decides it wasn't all bad?  I just couldn't read anymore.   I can't recommend this one.  I say skip, unless you are into that sort of thing.

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