Thursday, July 17, 2014

Throwback Thursday: An Independent Wife by Linda Howard

Author: Linda Howard
First published in 1982 by Pocket Books

An independent wife and determined to stay that way -- that was Sallie Baines. Her husband Rhy had broken her heart and once, she had vowed, was enough.

Then fate brought them together again, and the new Sallie fell for him just as the old had done. His was the fire, the power -- the love -- that could weld a heart once broken, into a seamless whole and leave a woman, once hurt, basking in a passion fulfilled.

I can't really say what made me finish listening to this book.  It's probably because Linda Howard is one of my favorite writers and I have loved most of her early romance books.  Not this one.  I know it was written in 1982, but I can't for the life of me understand why anyone would think a book where the man is a major A-hole  through the entire book is worth reading.  As I listened to the audiobook, I kept urging Sallie, the heroine, to kick him in the balls whenever he grabbed her to kiss her.  Yes, the story kind of pissed me off.

I detested Rhy throughout the entire book and never felt like he redeemed himself.  Rhy and Sallie are separated for 7 years.  Why not just get divorced?  Throughout that time, Sallie gets a backbone and makes something of herself.  When Rhy finally tracks her down, he continues to manhandle and manipulate her in order to keep her from leaving or divorcing him.  Instead of being disgusted by his behavior, Sallie, the not so Independent woman, keeps falling into his arms because he seems to have some magic power over her libido.  By the end, I just couldn't buy into the HEA that I supposed to like.  It just left a bad taste in my mouth.  So, I'm sure you can guess that I won't be recommending this one.  

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